Join the DEFI Insurance Revolution


Crypt Stylo
3 min readJul 11, 2021


With decentralized finance (defi) the control and profit moves from companies to individuals, where everybody is part of the risks and profits.

On decentralized insurances (DI) you provide collateral in exchange of the premiums paid, your risk is to pay customers when there is a legit claim.

Users provides liquidity on DEX and collateral on DI

With BMI V1 released you can provide collateral and get 80% from premiums:

To increase incentives on BMI launched an initial mining event:

Nearly 6,000,000 BMI tokens will be distributed among coverage liquidity providers throughout the event.

If you join a team, you can get even extra rewards, that’s why we created Tehmoonwalkers team

How to participate

Go to next url:

Use Tehmoonwalkers referral:


Go to “Earn interest” and chose Orion (or any other product):

Then add as much collateral as you want/can, important to check next option:

Add my stake to the Tehmoonwalkers team staking.

Last step go to dashboard to stake your collateral:

With this you will provide collateral for an insurance product and get 80% from the premiums + the rewards from the mining event.

The higher our team reaches on the dashboard, the higher the rewards.

Rewards lock/slash

Important to read the rewards conditions on next link:

The main idea is there is a lock period to get your rewards, this is done to avoid sell pressure due to the amount of rewards, trying to find a balance between good incentives to create enough collateral and protect token price, from a long investment point of view is a good strategy.